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Isar Docks – Munich Isarvorstadt

Isar Docks – Munich Isarvorstadt

Project description

Modern 1 to 4-room apartments with either a sunny balcony, garden or roof terrace are now under construction in the popular Munich district Isarvorstadt. High-quality wooden floors, brand-name kitchen and bathroom fittings, floor-to-ceiling windows in nearly all rooms and spacious balconies more than satisfy even the most demanding buyer’s desires.



IsarDocks-aussen-natursteinfassadeLenggrieser Straße is a little off the beaten track in this trendy quarter, and yet still close enough to enable you to enjoy the benefits of Isarvorstadt’s bar and restaurant scene. The joie de vivre of this district is reflected here: colourful, international, urban and yet a peaceful place to reside. People who live in this quarter have the banks of the Isar right at their doorstep for rest and recreation.


The underground takes only 8 minutes from here to Marienplatz. And the location is just as ideal when travelling by car: going south, the A 99 motorway to Salzburg is just a few kilometres away via the Mittlerer Ring road. Going north, the A 95 Garmisch and A 96 Lindau on-ramps are a stone’s throw away.


What is being built?

IsarDocks-innen-112_immoportal1.5-room apartments

  • Apartment: 52.0 m²
  • Purchase price: €389,900

2-room apartments

  • Apartments from 50.7 m² to 59.9 m²
  • Purchase price: €373,900 to €487,700
  • Apartment with roof terrace: 65.4 m²
  • Purchase price: €589,500


3-room apartments

  • Apartments from 77.3 m² to 81 m²
  • Purchase price: €578,700 to €681,900
  • Apartment with roof terrace: 97.2 m²
  • Purchase price: €891,800

3.5-room apartments

  • Apartment with garden: 90.9 m²
  • Purchase price: €719,900

IsarDocks-innen-203_immoportal4-room apartments

  • Apartment with garden: 105.8 m²
  • Purchase price: €818,600
  • Apartments from 101.5 m² to 103.9 m²
  • Purchase price: €714,900 to €907,900


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