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The Terrafinanz group is one of Munich’s oldest privately owned property developers. If you want to invest in an attractive house or apartment in Munich, you needn’t look any further than us: Since our foundation in 1961 we have created homes for more than 30,000 people, and in doing so we have had a significant impact on the Munich cityscape.

The Terrafinanz group is a family-owned, crisis-proof company with more than 50 staff and a large pool of equity capital. Drop us a line! We will be happy to discuss our current projects with you.

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Buying a home in Munich

Munich is a venue that is growing in value and resistant to crisis. Owning a home here gives you a wonderful focal point for your life and a reliable property investment. Bavaria’s capital is one of the most popular cities in Europe, and has everything to offer that makes a great place to live: excellent opportunities to earn, a fantastic range of world famous cultural and recreational possibilities, and a wide variety of different districts, from the glamorous to the endearing.

Quality of life with parks galore

All around the world Munich is well known for the quality of life it offers. It is a fashionable metropolis when it comes to culture, art and lifestyle. Its top-class offering of theatres, museums and opera can easily hold its own against other European cities. But Munich is also charming and close to the heart of Mother Nature, with an abundance of parks like the famed English Garden and the banks of the Isar river. And just a stone’s throw outside the city borders you will find the “Fünf-Seen-Land” lake district, with so many recreational opportunities that stretch all the way to the Alps. Throughout Munich you can find the influences of Bavarian tradition and that typical Munich feeling that makes sitting in a café or beer garden on a sunny afternoon such a unique and relaxing experience here.

Thriving economic growth

But at the same time Munich is a bustling, prospering commercial venue. The Euro crisis has hardly affected the German economy – and in Munich you don’t feel it at all. Many DAX companies have their bases here, numerous international corporations have Munich offices and there is also a strong small and medium-sized company sector and a rich publishing landscape in Munich. The employment outlook and earnings opportunities are excellent, making it a popular home to expert specialists from around the globe.

Sustained high demand for living space

Living space is coveted and sought after in Munich, and all the forecasts verify that this will not change for a long time. The Terrafinanz group offers quality houses and apartments in premium Munich locations. People looking for a home find quality construction and facilities and an outstanding infrastructure here. Investors are also well advised with a property in Munich. All the projections show that residential space in Munich is a safe and reliable investment that will almost certainly appreciate in value.

Top quality, upmarket residential property

The Terrafinanz group realises construction projects at top locations in and around Munich; as a rule residential complexes with a mix of smaller and larger ownership homes. These discerning and modern residences generally have a balcony, sunny terrace or roof garden. The extensive quality-assurance system and the experienced works management teams at Terrafinanz group guarantee a smooth building phase and ensure completely satisfied customers!

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